A novella in 30 chapters

Stingaree Bay: Chapter 21

Into the Blue

Steve Fendt
Serial Stories
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5 min readMay 24, 2024


‘Aquamarine’ by Steve Fendt

The little boat nosed out of the marina, its diesel engine purring softly.

‘It’s just lovely out here.’

‘It is.’

‘Can’t believe I’ve lived in Brixham all these years and never been out on the Bay … What are those little boats doing on the beach there? I can see sails.’

‘Those are the school dinghies. The Nippers go out on Wednesday afternoons. They bob around and capsize a lot, with a safety boat watching over them like a mother duck.’

‘I see.’

‘Don’t worry, they won’t bother us. We’ll head over the other side of the pier.’

‘How’s your eye?’

‘Nothing that some cold salt water won’t fix.’

But it was noticeably red and swollen after the collision with her elbow.

‘I still feel terrible about it.’

‘You don’t need to. Really. Accidents happen.’

She snuggled into his side. ‘Are we really going to go skinny dipping, Salty? In broad daylight, off the Brixham Waterfront?’

‘Getting cold feet, Tash?’ he mocked, gently.



Steve Fendt
Serial Stories

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