A novella in 30 chapters

Stingaree Bay: Chapter 24

The Predicament

Steve Fendt
Serial Stories
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3 min readJun 14, 2024


‘Predicament’ by Steve Fendt

‘Hello Jim,’ replied Tony, whose pale, drawn face struggled to muster a blush despite his mortification. ‘Shoulder’s buggered. Can’t get out of the water.’

‘No dramas, mate. We’ll soon have you out of there.’ Strong hands slipped under Tony’s arms and heaved him backwards over the side of the RIB.

’Lost your bathers too, mate … Got a towel, err, Miss?’

Blushing furiously enough for two, Tasha tossed down a bath towel.

‘Everything okay, Mr Bowen?’ called a youthful voice. Matilda had broken away from the little flotilla and had approached, curious.

‘Yes, Leeza. Just helping this bloke who’s … fallen off his boat.’

‘Does he need CPR? We learned it in First Aid …’

‘No, no, he’ll be right. Go and practise tacks and gybes round the leeward mark, please. Ten of each.’

‘Maybe he’s got hippie thermia,’ called Leeza’s crewmate, hopefully.

‘Thanks, Ellie. I’ll bear that in mind. Off you go!’

‘O-k-a-a-a-y, Mr Bowen …’

Back on board his yacht, wrapped in a warm towel, Tony faced his burly, tanned rescuers. ‘Thanks, guys … I owe you one, big…



Steve Fendt
Serial Stories

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