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The Plot: Chapter 7

Dilemmas and Discoveries

Steve Fendt
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4 min readJun 3, 2024


‘Vincenzo’s Nightmare’ by Steve Fendt


There are few things he likes less than being the object of a young woman’s anger.

You immediately feel you’re in the wrong, an Annoying Man. A Dirty Old Perv. Even though you aren’t. You’re just trying to use the communal facilities, as you’re perfectly entitled to do.

‘Sorry, Jorja. I didn’t know you were here. I, … uh …’

She glares at him. A cross young face peeping out from a puffy sleeping bag. Just like an angry caterpillar.

In other circumstances, it would be funny.

Anyway, what is she doing here?

Perhaps it’s a research project for uni. She’s some kind of student, he seems to remember. She’ll probably get up at two in the morning and count insects by torchlight. Maybe those tomato bugs. The evil little bastards that are destroying his precious Amish Glory.

The ones he intends to blast illicitly with a spray which although the label states ‘SUITABLE FOR ORGANIC GARDENS’ surely isn’t allowed under …

‘Are you going to stand there all night … ?’

‘Vince,’ he says, stepping forward in reflex, extending a hand. ‘Vince Russo. I, ah, the…



Steve Fendt
Serial Stories

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