A novella in 21 chapters

The Plot: Chapter 9

Where’s the Catch?

Steve Fendt
Serial Stories
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5 min readJun 17, 2024


Cartoon: a keep cup in camouflage colours with the word ‘TACTICAL’ emblazoned across it.
‘Camo Coffee’ by Steve Fendt



Although it was a question he should have anticipated, he didn’t know how to answer.

‘No catch. None at all,’ was the best he could come up with on the spur of the moment. He could see from the look in her eyes it wasn’t enough.

It was two in the morning and the police were done with them both. For now. He was no night owl, and his sagging eyelids and heavy head warned him it was long past bedtime. He was too tired to think.

But he had to.

Ducking under the police tape, gripping his bike by the handlebars, he’d seen her standing across the street. Backpack over one shoulder, sleeping bag under the other arm. Looking lost and scared.

The Plot was off limits until the cops had finished investigating the crime scene. Accident scene. Whatever it was. So she was literally out on the street until the blue-and-white tape came down. That could be days.

He was appalled and angry. It was irresponsible to turf a vulnerable young woman out on the street like this. Probably she’d given them some bullshit story as to why she was sleeping there, in that little wooden hut, but they were supposed to be…



Steve Fendt
Serial Stories

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