1. The beginning

Well where to begin… all my life I was taught in a very not so normal way. It started when I was 3, with my family of my mothers side. I was always told my biological father never wanted me and “forced” my mother into trying to get an abortion with me and was always told on how a horrible man he was. I was told he would rape her, beat her, and he hated me and my mother, and never wanted to help her support me. All these things were put into my head where I thought, “hey, this man is a very bad man.” So fast forward a bit I had days where I would visit my grandmother of my fathers side, and there was my aunt…She was about 10 and I was 5 years old.

Well one day I went over after school to go play. While playing with my aunt (who was 10 at the time) some games in her room. I remember playing with a doll house and her closing the door behind me. “Let’s play a game.” She told me. And of coarse like any kid I told her ok. This is when things got weird. She had told me to strip down to where I was completely naked and play with a bear. And even though I was 5 I knew something… something just didn’t feel right. But she had insisted I do what she says or she would tell my mother I was a bad kid. So I listened, I grabbed the bear and did as told. While this was happening she was taking pictures of me and laughing. I felt embarrassed and ashamed. Once she was done she had told me to not tell anyone for it was our secret. Later that day

My mother picked me up after she got off of work. I remember getting into the car and being dead silent. Which wasn’t normal for me since I was such a chatter box. My mother turned to me and asked “are you alright?” With a blank stare I just said “I’m ok mommy,” she then knew something was wrong. So she kept asking and asking til finally I told her what had happened. She just looked at me and said ok. The next day after going to my grandmas after school my mom picked me up and confronted my grandmother about her daughter (my aunt) and what she did to me. My aunt admitted to it, and all my mother said was “ok she can’t come back here again, if her father wants to see her she has to go somewhere else.” And once agreed everything was like it never happened. I went into her car confused thinking to myself what happened to me was normal.

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