10 Reasons to Come to Boston College: A Satire

Boston College is the home to ten-thousand undergraduate students in a nearby town outside of Boston, Chestnut Hill. With green space, a mix of modern and old-fashioned buildings, a wide variety of food, a fully stocked bookstore and many other amenities, there must be over a thousand great reasons to want to attend this great university, right? I plan to walk to walk you through the top ten reasons why prospective students choose to come to this great school. Be warned, these are the reasons that prospective students want to come to Boston College after their visit to campus. The other-side to this story begins once you decide to attend this school. Some of the same memories that students experience on their visits soon begin to be altered after weeks, months, semesters, and years on campus.

The selling points of this school are great, but most students still choose to join the campus banter and verbally downgrade the same things that were reasons we all decided to become Eagles. Over the course of this photo tour, we will see photos of ten major reasons why people decide to come to Boston College and the reality of those same photos after students have experienced them as students. Here is a quick walk through of some of these iconic features of Boston College that you are sure to hear students complaining about.

Beautiful Buildings, No Temperature Control
Large Library, yet no places to sit
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