10 things a Tech Enthusiast should know

A cheatsheet in progress


  • Linux Basics
  • Working with DevTools — in progress
  • Working with ADB command-line to check Android LOGs
  • Working with Charles Proxy
  • Understanding Cache and local storage — in progress
  • The Art of Effective Searching
  • Debugging is the key
  • To be continued ….

Linux Basics

To work more efficiently, its wise to fuel ourselves with quick tools, and linux commands are boon.

Though there are many cheatsheets available for quick linux commands however, no one can customise it exactly for your need. Hence here is one most suited for wanna be Developers and Testers:


Working with ADB

Want to setup

## Setup Steps

  1. INSTALL adb
  • On Ubuntu/MAC -> from terminal:

brew cask install android-platform-tools

  • Windows: SDK manager comes along with adb: check this

2. Permit Device

  1. Enable USB debugging in your phone (settings -> about phone -> click 7 times on “model number” the last option)
  2. Click on developers option -> USB debugging -> switch on
  3. Plug phone with cable -> shows a popup to allow USB debugging -> ok

## System check

Connect your device to your computer with the USB cable

Quick helpful tools To verify if device is connected adb devices

If it doesn’t list the device

adb kill-server
adb start-server

## Check LOGs

Go to terminal/console

adb logcat -d

adb logcat -f <filename>
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