Heartbreak Cycle: Cathartic Poetry on a Theme


I think you broke my heart open

Raw and sweating pent-up ambition

Exposed in its hiding place

Brimming through the unsettled dust

A pierced being

Radiating glaring pain

Karma’s churn unveiled

Dissipating in an unmoved sky

Musical analog: “Paul” by Big Thief

The Haunting

Once ebbed heat swells and floods my integrity

Heart and spirit snarled in coarse knots, unable (unwilling?) to wrench their fabrics apart

Hateful disdain

The ghost’s presumption, his plundering voracity

The stifled fears of the collective psyche

And artlessly longing for the dream

Musical analog: “Dancing Ghosts” by Azure Ray


Too cowardly to show my true face

My true depravity, clandestine indulgence

Deceit, thinly justified, defended by weakly feigned indignation

Recklessly spurning the agony set in motion

The shame cast onto others’ dutiful hearts

By my own too long repressed immodesty

Musical analog: “In a Bad Way” by Maria Taylor

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