11 things I learned from creatives who killed themselves

Roshnee Desai is a designer and creative director who runs her own creative firm, LOCAL in Mumbai, India. You can email her at: roshnee@wedesignlocal.com

On my flight from a happy vacation in France back to my home and studio in Mumbai, I watched the biographies of two very famous, very successful creative trailblazers who both shockingly took their own lives.

Alexander McQueen and Robin Williams.

Both very different men, in very different fields. Yet so many parallels.

Both with over active minds that they couldn’t switch off.

An increasingly successful career.

The more fame and money they got, the more unhappy they became.

Both couldn’t see their own successes. Constantly felt like they weren’t enough.

Both were most happy when they were working, or surrounded by friends and family.

However, both sacrificed family and friends for work.

Both got into cocaine

Both needed a break but didn’t know how to get off the hamster wheel. And thought the only choice they had was death.

Here are 11 personal notes I made for myself, if ever I was to start becoming successful >

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