A mother’s love is something that helps a child mature into a fine young woman. A father’s love added helps a child grow into a phenomenal adult. When I met her I was young and had no clue how to raise a baby on my own. She came into our lives at a time most 21 year olds are just starting life. It didn’t matter to her. She swept me off my feet and we fell in love within months. I watched as she transformed herself into a mother for a child that wasn’t even hers. There were good days and then there were days that would test the limits of any patient parent. But she got through them and she loved us both more and more every day. I watched the way they interacted and the way they laughed with each other. They were inseparable. I knew in the first year this woman was the one I would marry and spend the rest of my life with. She changed me from a young punk into a father and I’ll never forget that. I don’t think I expressed gratitude and appreciation as much as I should have but she knew I loved her and nothing else mattered. To be continued.,.

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