2018 in poetry

Day one.

Day 1/365

Although I still feel alone,

Things just begun,

To have no faith,

You would think that I’m dumb,

But every year is like a sock,

You put on the same pair over and over,

Nothing changes, it just decays over time and eventually rips.



The best thing to pass around,

We abuse things to avoid our own negatives,

It’ll never change things,

Until you want to change.

Your mindset,

Your beliefs,

Looking from the outside in

Hopefully things begin to recede.


We always wonder what our soulmate is doing,

Or is it something our soul makes,

To hide our trials and tribulations,

And we feel accepted by society’s form of a happy ending,

And feel validation.

Maybe a soulmate isn’t the key to happiness.

Waell Khalife·
20 min
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