30 days


I saw someone doing this 30 day writing challenge thing on facebook and initially wanted to do it to hone my writing skills/ express myself more eloquently through words. But after looking at the prompts, I realise that this writing challenge is more personal than technical. I decided to embark on this journey, nonetheless, to share things about myself with you all, people who I think are worthy to know these little details about me that I may leave out in my interactions with you. I think it may get really quite personal so if you don’t feel emotionally ready then reader’s discretion is advised. In these cards, I may be writing about something you already know or about shared experience with you (i will try to keep it anonymous) so please bear with me. Thank you for investing a little bit of your time to getting to know me better!



Day 1: List 10 things that make you really happy

  1. Consciously stepping away from a happy moment and appreciating how good I am feeling at that exact moment
  2. Laughing with my loved ones till my abdomen hurts
  3. Eating exactly what I am craving for
  4. Not noticing how much time have passed doing the things I truly enjoy
  5. Coming across music that is perfectly put together in the way I like it to be
  6. Warm cup of hojicha tea latte on a sleepy, rainy morning
  7. Rain at 2am
  8. Feeling the warmth of my bed in the morning after a good night’s rest; noticing that my pillows and blanket are super soft and fluffy as though I spent my night sleeping on clouds
  9. Knowing that I am loved, adored and protected by the people around me
  10. Doing well and receiving praises

Day 2: Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forget

Someone once told me something about myself that I cannot forget nor do I think will ever forget. It made my heart melt, but it was not something I expected anyone to say about me, something I would not relate to personally.

That person texted me, “You have a very nice way of seeing the world, appreciating the world beyond what is superficially present” and referred to me as a “child of the universe” (lol if you ever come across this post, that’s right its you I’m talking about). I felt so overwhelmed at that instant, overwhelmed with emotions and feelings that I cannot express, and I still cannot express what I felt to this day. Maybe these feelings stem from how I never actively tried to portray myself in that light and for someone to see such a characteristic was unexpected and shocking to me. More often than not, people said nice things related to the kind of narrative I have curated and presented to them. But this time, it was different and I guess that is why I felt so strongly for what was said.

I do not know if what he said was genuine or an accurate description of me or if this perspective he have of me changed since then. I also do not know what he meant exactly by the way I viewed the world, perhaps because I am so accustomed to this way of seeing the world and because I never known otherwise.

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