GBNRML | 07.30

Rocky Mountain High

Returning from the mountains leaves me feeling like a post-mission astronaut.⁣

Unlike the expected, post-vacation blues, once a year, every year, for the past 23 years, re-entry from Papa’s Place has a near-violent effect on my body and psyche.⁣

For the following week, you can find me shucking this space suit. A constant *swallow* and *pop* rehab for the ears. This mountain-time-zoned body wades through streams of molasses and missed emails. I become a reluctant, reengaged member of the WiFi Society.⁣

Because seven days prior, as soon as tires launch over the margins of Texas, the land beyond is my galaxy far, far away. Up there, it’s zero-gravity bliss. Where altitude-drunk flies float slow enough to pet. Where manicures are peeled away by midweek. Where significant conversations with my most significants are had, on a hike with Aspens eavesdropping or on a back porch in pajamas until noon, without distractions, without constraints.⁣

But as soon as our space ship shuttles back into the driveway of our home, I feel the weight of gravity. My eyeballs sit back like kettlebells in my sockets and my cellphone pins my palm like a brick. Ain’t no mountain high enough to muffle the volume of noise and convenience that awaits me once I hike back down.⁣

Is there a way to bring that other-worldly weightlessness back with me?⁣




re: recycling — I’ve harbored low-simmering guilt for my contribution to the global wastebasket á la my daily contact lenses.

👁♻️ Enter: redemption via Bausch + Lomb


Have a go at this true-crime podcast. Bloody delightful. Hosted by two female Brits, the cases are novel, the commentary whip-smart, and let’s be honest, I’m here for the accents.💂‍♀️🕵️‍♀️

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