The Emerging Counter Culture in Mobile Apps

Part 4 Finale: I am not your data mine

Corporations are not people, as such they don’t ever learn about you for mutually beneficial reasons. The reasoning of a corporation is one-sided and favors only the corporation. Would you willingly exchange all of this data for a modicum of improved search results?

Tech companies hoard our information to better advertise to us. To imagine their endgame, picture yourself walking by a wall sized mirror, though your reflection is wearing an entirely different outfit. Your digital double breaks stride and says in your voice, “Nevermind all these fab clothes I’m wearing, check out these shoes! All on sale at Harry’s on the 3rd floor, try them on”.

They want to pull Jedi mind tricks on us, if you will.

The argument for Big Data would suggest that standing in opposition to the wanton collection of our personal data is in effect standing in the way of progress.

The position that data collection benefits machine learning and will ultimately make for greater conveniences is undeniable. Where we, the counter culture, stand in opposition to the status quo is clear:

a) Users should be able to engage with online services without the assumption that their data is up for grabs.

b) Users deserve to be given clear and ample opportunity to opt out of these profitable data collection schemes.

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