Dickson Azalea Park

Nestled back in the exclusive Thornton Park neighborhood is one of the most beautiful 3.5 acres you might ever hope to find.

Squeezed among the hustle and bustle of Orlando, you find this oasis. Traveling down into the narrow valley you are transported in to a paradise on earth, barely noticing the city above.

Once a watering hole for cattle during the days of open ranges, the shady park lies in a deep ravine surrounding an ancient stream called Fern Creek.

The park was created in 1916 when state senator Walter Rose set aside the five acres for preservation. Saved from development, it was deeded to the City of Orlando in 1924.

In 1935 the Orlando Garden Club and others helped to clean up the overgrown park. They also worked with landscape architect Mulford Foster to create a stunning layout of beautiful plants, flowers, plants, paths, bridges, and water features.

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