My UX Journey Learnings

I wanted to record snippets of what I’ve been learning in UX. Keep up with my growth here!

UX Hustle Club w/ Sophia V Prater


Follow your enthusiasm. Pursue your passion.

While learning the field, it’s hard to not feel overwhelmed by all there is to catch up on. Instead of trying to learn everything all at once, I’m sticking with the material at my level and a step or two ahead and I’m sticking first to what excites and motivates me.

“Creating a Data-Informed Culture” at the Refactr.Tech conference by @jamieharrellmba (Twitter)


Fun fact : a data-driven decision would have led the CDC to close the Ebola room, which had been unused for 10 years. A data-informed decision led them to keep it open and active, which allowed them to act quickly when it was needed.

Our goal should be to make data-informed decisions.

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