The Life Changing Advice of 100 Insanely Interesting People

People often ask me what I’ve learned from the 100’s of people that I’ve interviewed. Every person has left an impression on me, and shaped my thinking in some way. Each conversation has been a gift that has given me an education that kicked the crap out of the one I got in school.

Some of them are household names. Others you’ve never heard of. Don’t let the fact that you’ve never heard of someone cause you to buy into the myth that they aren’t successful. I consider all of these people successful because of the impact that they’ve had on the world.

In attempting to summarize what they’ve taught me I’ve written a book, another book, and 100’s of articles. They’ve changed my habits, helped me to rewrite my story, and accomplished things that at one time seemed impossible. Here are some of my favorites from the last nine years

Srinivas Rao
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