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If you had the opportunity today, to live in any country, island or continent of the world, If you could monetize your hobby or have an ideal relationship with your perfect partner. If you could learn and achieve everything you wanted, what will you do, knowing that you have only one life and limited timeframe for all of these?

This is a story of a guy who was born in a Russian speaking family in a Muslim country, who turned his high level of procrastination of playing games like: Fortnite, hundreds of hours watching videos on YouTube at 1.25 speed and PornHub into a powerful tool which helped him to read twenty-eight books in a year, run nine-hundred and eighty-three miles a year, learned how to play the piano, and run businesses in three countries.

A guy who started his life in a small city with the first job of making one dollar a day and then traveled the World; a guy who climbed the highest mountains and active volcanoes, lived in five-star hotels and spent ten thousand dollars a month — a man who learned how to start a business with a portfolio of over hundred failed startups. A human being who falls over one thousand times before figuring how to find a meaning of life, love, learned anything and turned his life into the most fun and exciting game in the World most human species call “Life.” An ordinary dreamer who did not like school, but at the age of thirty-five studies, every day to build a one billion dollar business and one-day landed on the moon and smoked pot while enjoying the view of the planet earth.

Throughout the book, you will find real stories of people whom Sergey met in his life. A great salesman who was able to sell sand to Arabs, but wasn’t able to make more than two hundred dollars a month; an excellent entertainer who was able to capture the attention of everyone in a train yet a construction worker. A smart-beautiful girl who was dreaming of moving to another country to explore but didn’t, because she was waiting for the perfect moment; the story of a Sergey’s friend, who didn’t have lots of money but was able to travel the World.

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