25 Microsoft AI Interview Questions — Acing the AI Interview

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My previous AI Interview Questions articles for Google, Amazon, Facebook and Uber have been very helpful to the readers. As a followup, next couple of articles were on how to prepare for these interviews split into two parts, Part 1 and Part 2. Do visit them and provide feedback.

1.Merge k (in this case k=2) arrays and sort them.

2. How best to select a representative sample of search queries from 5 million?

3. Three friends in Seattle told you it’s rainy. Each has a probability of 1/3 of lying. What’s the probability of Seattle is rainy?

4. Can you explain the fundamentals of Naive Bayes? How do you set the threshold?

5. Can you explain what MapReduce is and how it works?

6. Can you explain SVM?

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