11 Do’s and Don’ts when Shopping online

Do: Know where you are

Hackers always try to spoof legitimate websites by creating a replica, having a similar name to the original site. Always ensure you are on the right site by checking the web address to ensure it is correct.

If you see domain extensions such as .ru .cc or .cn instead of .com or .com.ng or .ng, this is already a red flag.

Do: Shop at home

Never shop online using public WiFi. Public WiFi present an easy way for hackers to steal your personal information. Refrain from shopping online when connected to internet hotspots at hotels, shopping malls, bars and restaurants.

Also, never use a public computer to shop online or check your private accounts.

Do: Shop smart with your smartphone or tablet

Making use of your smart devices make it easy to not only shop on the go, but also redeem coupons, and compare prices in stores. However, you would want to be careful of what information you give out especially when you have to download mobile applications to your phone. It is advisable that you cross check what information you are giving out to sign up/in to these applications and websites especially those requiring social log ins — signing up with Facebook/Twitter/Google+…

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