Climbing Sends

Sending routes requires effort. A skilful effort brings success.

Skilful effort means the effort gets you closer to success… consistently.

It could mean changing:

  1. the way you execute or finish a move
  2. refinement of your movement
  3. your strength to do the move
  4. your mobility to be in position for the move
  5. your recovery and endurance
  6. your mindset
  7. your strategy
  8. your focus or concentration
  9. the focus of your desire

In other words, you change something.

How do you determine what to change?

You assess what is not working. Assess your balance, your weight on your feet, the weight in your grip, the tension in your shoulders, your core, your mind. Assess your desire, your degree of focus and the object of your focus.

Be aware of your starting point and where you need to be. Then determine what has to change to bridge the gap.

Heather D Reynolds·
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