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The Gift of Books

People ask me why I give away books as gifts.

I do it, because not only is there tremendous value in learning from a perspective other than yours, but because it also shows how highly I think of the person receiving the book to have assumed that they’d find value in reading it, in the first place.

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader. — Margaret Fuller

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One Question You Should Never Ask

The other day, at a high school reunion, I heard one person ask another:

“Oh man, are you still working as a nurse?”

Asking someone if they’re ‘still’ working in a particular job or career is basically saying, “I can’t believe you’re still working there.” You’re implying that their career choice is one that’s short-lived.

When was the last time you’ve heard anyone ask a doctor, “are you still working as a doctor?” or an attorney, “are you still working as an attorney?”

You wouldn’t because you’d assume they’d be well off. You wouldn’t ask those kind of questions.

“Sometimes, questions are more hurtful than insults.” — Mitch Albom

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