The Dralian Interview

The Dralian Interview

An ABC World News Exclusive with the White House Chief of Staff

ABC News: Good Morning Mr. Dralian, ABC News with a couple questions.

Dralian: Thanks for having me. Go ahead.

ABC News: How did you get into NUSA Politics? What was your career path that set you up for success as WHCOS?

Dralian: I actually begun getting involved in politics when I first joined NUSA back in 2014. I ran for the House and won. However, back then politics weren’t as competitive and people were surely not as interested. After being in the House for two terms, I took a break from Congress. By around, late 2016 I decided that I wanted to get back into politics, which was a good choice on my part. I ran for the House once again, and won. I then moved up to Clerk of the House and then onto Speaker Pro Tempore under Speaker of the House SuddenRush12G. To answer the second part of your question: I’ve had a lot of Executive Branch jobs throughout my 2 1/2 years in NUSA. I believe that throughout those two years, I have accomplished a great deal of different Cabinet positions, and high ranking positions, which helped me a lot to become and preform my duties as WHCOS.

ABC News: How would you say the White House has improved under your tenure as Chief of Staff?

Dralian: I had large shoes to fill when coming into this job. I believe the White House has opened up new job opportunities to those who have always wanted it, such as working in the Communcations Deptartment, or working with the Press Secretary. We have established further transparency by hosting weekly press conferences after all our meetings have been completed for the week. I also believe that with my former experience in the Executive Branch, it allows me to help the Directors/Cabinet members who need help with certain tasks.

ABC News: What would you say was your biggest obstacle to overcome in this job?

Dralian: My biggest obstacle was probably when it came to working with the Dept. of State. I’ve never been into world politics, and I wasn’t that familar with how the United Nations runs. It has been one of the biggest learning experiences I have endured within this group, especially when I would be up until 1AM-2AM working with the State Department to talk to foreign leaders and try to get us back into the United Nations.

ABC News: If you had to give one piece of advice to whoever the next Chief of Staff is, what would it be?

Dralian: I actually got some good advice from AdamStratton, former Vice President and Chief of Staff. I would say don’t make enemies in the administration, make friends so that when you need something done, it gets done quickly and without trouble. Don’t stress over things that don’t need to be stressed over, and lastly, work with Congress and make sure you have direct contact with the President, not just discord/ROBLOX.

ABC News: Mr. Dralian, thank you for your time.

Dralian: It was a pleasure.

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