A 30 Day Sunrise Challenge: Wyoming

9:32pm MST December 31st

A new year starts. Oh the possibilities sends tingles of excitement coursing through my mind! Yet…at the same time, I find myself leery of dwelling upon & planning out those possibilities for too long. Taking action right now, instead of contemplating the action to be taken throughout the year seems more feasible. Living right now feels better, because last year I made plans to tackle those possibilities and they didn’t turn out as planned; I made plans to make those possibilities a reality and they got delayed.

So I will let the possibilities rest atop the lofty dreams peak where they reside and focus in on one step I can take right now:

Get up and greet the sunrise. Every. Single. Morning. For the next 30 days.

January 1st: A Flying Heart

Everyone has oceans to fly, if they have the heart to do it. Is it reckless? Maybe. But what do dreams know of boundaries? ~Amelia Earhart~

The sun rose at 7:48a today. As the clouds shifted I watched a heart take flight.

On the first day of this 30 Day Sunrise Challenge, it felt as if the sky gave its approval by sharing a piece of its flying heart with me.

January 2nd: Happy Thoughts

Taken a few minutes before sunrise the warm pastel colors chased away the biting cold, promising another day to live and breath and be.

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