A Cup of Thoughts

When you are starting something new, it’s tempting to figure everything out first before you do anything.

But the truth is, you figure out as you do something and learn from mistakes.

So remember, the objective is to get there somehow, not to get lost in taking the best route.

When you are finally motivated to do something new, try to stay as frictionless as possible.

The more you strategize or worry about the perception of others, the more friction is created between you and the goal.

It can grow to the point of stopping you from doing anything.

So put your smartness aside and go at it, you can always take care of logistics later if what you do proves its value to be continued.

When you are stuck with a problem, take a step back and ask yourself if the problem is even real.

Sometimes we are trying to solve an imaginary problem that we think we have to solve.

But often the problem is just in our heads trying to do things perfectly and not accepting the chance of failures.

So just take a moment to pause, listen to feedback from people you trust, and doubt the problem you are having.

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