A Pilot

This is how it feels like to be surrounded by (formerly four) only three big, built male classmates.

It has been almost 6 weeks in my ground school training and there’s 2 more weeks to go to start on my flight training. It’s true when they say a Liking for something is different from building a Passion towards it. So although it was previously a class of nine, 3 girls and 6 boys, things happened in the first few weeks and some of them had to withdraw from the ground training since they found it difficult to cope up.

Now, stuck with three men alongside everything I do, it has started to feel like the so-called “magic” is working in the crowded classroom of four.

Since there isn’t a big change in the way each of us dress, except the fact I have a different hairstyle than them and my pants are above my waistline, treatment from day 1 to today has drastically changed. I’ve got most male instructors so it’s difficult to stand up and say, “may I use the washroom (no matter the urgency even if it’s the monthly period)?” It was a game of stare when I said that once and the strike of embarrassment hit so hard. Argh the exchange of looks :/

Disaster is how I would conclude today’s situation.

Maybe the presence of a woman didn’t really matter to them. And so that’s is why when I had to finally stand up from my seat and sit in the corner most seat available; where I’m almost as invisible as I already am. I felt too cold, and to adjust the air conditioner was me asking too much. Maybe that’s why I have to go on “airplane mode” whenever I’m the thirdwheel or we are either on our way to lectures or always taking a detour without having the liberty of going home on time, in the car where I’ve to go listening to the same,heavy and dance music every morning and evening (because apparently wearing earphones in the presence of so many people is being anti-social). Literally on repeat. I am now able to tell what the next track is. Oh oh oh and wait for it,.. “When you are taking the plane, tell us in advance ah.. edata waradila wath, million ekak dunnath machan mama nam naginne na wena plane ekakata wath. Gaanu pare elawana widihata mun plane kohama elawai da danne na :x”

There are 4 forces acting on an airplane, two of them are thrust and drag. The others are lift and weight and like every other thing, there are factors that affect them. Just so the dominant party knows, a little bit of boobs,long hair and family responsibilities don’t pull us back nor staple ourselves down as the least needed.

The amount of lift and thrust, yes the thrust ;) that a woman can generate and handle is above controlled boundaries.

Consider the likes of the woman.

Don’t let the Magic of the woman get into you.

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