The Emerging Counter Culture in Mobile Apps

Part 1: Definition

“There’s an app for that” is the new kitsch. Of course there’s an app for that; it’s 2017.

The American Dialect Society saw fit to recognize “App” as the word of the year back in 2010. Smartphone use has permeated all levels of society and apps show consistent increases in use and utility. The ubiquity and inseparability of devices from our modern life creates a fertile ground for exploits in our society as technology advances.

We all contribute in the crawl toward our shared future. Change is inevitable and accepted passively for most. We routinely ignore lessons from history and every few generations we witness a great upheaval when a mass of people come to realize that they are at odds with the way things have become. Those in positions of power are commonly exposed for taking advantage, neglecting or mis-representing what people stand for.

Counterculture originated in the 1960s describing a generation of youth disaffected by almost everything their forebearers created: social mores, popular icons and political leaders. This phenomenon of counter-culturalism has been retroactively attributed to such movements as Romanticism, Wandervogelism, and Bohemianism to name a few.

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