All Too Human

Emotions and strong feelings. Two things that sway me the most, are the things I run away from. They make me vulnerable, like leaving holes wherever they hit me.

And yet I find myself pulled into whirlpools of thoughts. Mostly centred around how others feel, and how I would feel in their shoes.

Far from becoming more complicated, I see the world shrinking into patterns I don’t want to see.

I see faces buried in smartphones, suspended in the unnatural lights of blue-white LED. When the eyes look up from the screen, a chance meeting with someone else’s eyes often triggers an unknown feeling – like dealing with the most elementary of our interactions.

We deal with the deeply wired communication in our DNA by not knowing how to react to it anymore.

An uneasiness creeps in in that split second and we look back to the safe haven of our screens. To open the SMS we would have ignored otherwise. To proceed playing the game we lost interest in 10 minutes back. Just let the “awkwardness” pass.

Andy Shrinivas·
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