Anguk station — Insadong, hanok village, halal kitchen, etc


Anguk station, exit 6

I would really like to skip Insadong altogether cause there’s nothing much to see here except for trick eye museum and overpriced souvenirs but since it’s located perfectly before hanok village and Gyeongbokgung Place, we decided to drag kak mariam here. Haha!

Hanok Village

As usually, we took a wrong turn and ended in some alley BUT we got lost in a good way. The alley was lined up with small popup stores selling handcrafted items 😍

Anywho, we did end up in Hanok village and kak mariam did rent out the hanbok for an hour! Taking tonnes of photos.😅

Halal Kitchen

After hiking all the way up in hanok village, endless detours and back breaking moments, halal kitchen is the BEST place to chill and relax! Definitely the highlight of the day!

Mr Hassan, the owner is very welcoming! They just finished renovating the place and at that moment only serves 2 different dishes.

The restaurant is very cozy, the food was delicious and they even have a prayer place, big enough to fit 3 people!

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