Apply Six Scientific Principles to UX Research

There are 6 scientific principles that are foundational in scientific thinking. Understanding what they are can help perform more focused research.

Note: While I apply these 6 principles to UX research, I believe they are applicable to many industries.

The 6 principles:

  1. Rule out rival hypotheses
  2. Correlation isn’t causation
  3. Falsifiablity
  4. Replicability
  5. Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence
  6. Occam’s Razor

One: Ruling Out Rival Hypotheses

Before reaching a conclusion — before or after research — make sure that all other explanations have been considered & vetted.

In-practice: Reach out to other teams that interact with your users & research topic and understand their data and approach. Chances are there is some similarity that help focus your efforts.

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