Armoire for Less: Jewelry Storage With Space & Money Limits

During our recent fire, three whole rooms of furniture were gone. Some pieces in rooms not touched by fire had to be destroyed. They were made of pressed wood; therefore, smoke, heat, and soot destroyed them.

One of my husband’s challenges to me has been to make do with what we have and spend less than what we’ve budgeted so we can get rid of our unsecured debt and maybe even bring down our mortgage principal.

No armoire for me until we move back, and most newer armoires don’t have the space my old over-the-door model had. Right now, surviving jewelry is dumped unceremoniously helter-skelter in Tupperware.

What to do?

A long time ago, my grandmother used to take me with her to yard sales, rummage sales, flea markets, and other such places. She had a wonderful eye for finding quality pieces at unbelievable prices.

Could I channel my inner grandmother and recreate the space I had for pocket change (less than $100)?

Here you can see four wooden pieces and two different types of fabric, all purchased at a local antique mall for under $90 dollars.

The most expensive piece by far was the wooden sewing kit. My favorite is the typesetters drawer.

The next series of images and text panels will describe the process I’m using to meet my husband’s requests.

The best thing is that this project after I’ve used it could be given to a single mom or other woman on a budget with space and money.

Antique Mall Scores

First, you want to prepare the fabric you’ll use to line your jewelry boxes.

Because I bought seconds and leftovers, I didn’t know what kind of material I was using.

I chose to wash the material in cool water with a mild dish soap, rinse in cool water, and hang the material to line dry.

Washing fabric
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