Bad Science Fiction


We built our rocket

From old newspapers

Empty cans


And tattered bedsheets

We built it from

Laughter, dreams, and hope

We built it tall

We built it strong

We fell asleep in the garden

Our unsleeping eyes on our rocket

So we charted our route

Through the stars

And up through Mars

In the morning we boarded

Sailed our ship way up high

Leaving gravity and grief behind

Metallic Zam

Metallic Zam is off again


The warning klaxons sound

Zoom zoom

He’s on his way

Speeding past

Going fast

Metallic Zam to save the day


We came from far away

We came from up above

We searched the stars

We searched the comets

We searched everywhere

To find a place

To rest our heads

To rest our hearts

But “look” I cry

“Look at that.”

We’ve finally done it

Home at last

Maddy Rain (MoxitheFox)·
4 min
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