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What is the Two Three Brews Scale?

👀 THE Look (10%): While we want to consume a good looking beer, it isn’t the end all be all. At the end of the day if the brewski tastes delicious who cares if it looks like a murky lake in South Mississippi?

👃🏼 THE Smell (15%): Just like we all want our significant other to smell delicious, we all want our beer to smell the part. However, if the cold one we pour down our gullet smells like a teenager after gym class but tastes like a beautiful slice of heaven…who are we to hold that against it?

👅 THE Mouth (25%): How an ale hits our lips comes in as the second most important critic. It’s always important to note that if you have to chew your beer it is highly frowned upon…but not forbidden if it’s the best pint of your life.

😋 THE Taste (50%): The Big Daddy…When it is all said and done, the most important attribute to a beer is taste. Weighing in for half of the scoring points it’s important to note we won’t be fooled by good looks and an enticing scent. Just like your mother told you when you were growing up; it’s what’s on the inside that counts, sweetheart.

🍻 Overall: We obviously can’t share the math on how we get the overall score. We pay top dollar for our team behind the scenes that crunches the numbers. I can share that the team involved in the process spent a number of years perfecting the equation for the perfect score.

Asylum: Left Coast Brewing Company

Belgian-Style Tripel Ale

11.8% ABV | 27 IBU | 3.75 Overall

👀 THE Look: 4

Reminded me of a dark, golden brown you would love to see on a perfectly roasted marshmallow. The head almost vanished instantly and my beer had no lacing.

👃🏼 THE Smell: 3.75

Took some time for me to lock this one down. It almost gave off no smell but what I came away with was a sweet smell that almost reminded me of caramel or a creamsicle.

👅 THE Mouth: 3.75

Very smooth and almost creamy initially. However, after a few sips it was clear this beer reminded me of a flat soda. This beer lacks carbonation and any hops that hit the mouth.

😋 THE Taste: 3.75

I was underwhelmed with the taste for a Tripel. The beer was unbelievably smooth for an 11.8% ABV and I was left with a sweet take away. This confirmed the caramel scent that I took but it didn’t taste anything like a creamsicle and truly lacked what you would look for in any Tripel.

🍻 Overall this isn’t a terrible beer. The Tripel Belgian packs plenty of punch on the ABV side and will absolutely help loosen you up after a long day with a smooth finish. I wouldn’t turn away a cold pint if you put it in front of me, however, I was expecting more from this one.

24th Street Pale Ale: Strand Brewing Co.

Pale Ale

6.1% ABV | 45 IBU | Overall 4.25

👀 THE Look: 4

I really enjoyed the look of this beauty. Great lacing in the bottle and some left on the glass as I enjoyed the beer. It poured a nice copper color with an almost blurred look.

👃🏼 THE Smell: 3.75

There wasn’t much here for me. Initially I was hit with some hops right on the nose but after a few sniffy sniffs, I caught some grain and maybe a little pint on the end.

👅 THE Mouth: 4

This beer was a good hit on the mouth. It hits you instantly thick and foamy and leaves that bitter, hop taste to last.

😋 THE Taste: 4.25

This is a very well balanced beer. I was left with a nice bitter, hoppy taste that you would expect in any good Pale Ale. While the bottle talks about being slightly fruity I didn’t taste any fruit, however, I did take away some grain at the end.

🍻 Overall this is a strong pale ale that outperformed my expectations. It’s a well balanced beer that isn’t overly bitter and didn’t try to do too much. Sit back and enjoy a cold one while you watch the sunset over the ocean. (The sunset only felt right because the brewery is in Torrance, not too far from the beach.) 😎

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