Birth = Life

NOW! by steve wardrip — Now, a babe is born. Now, a new life is here. Now, a new time for all of us. Now, we are blessed. Now, we are witnesses of something important. Now, we are privileged. Now, we know the secret. Now, we share the gift. Now, we rejoice. Now, we become reasonable people. Now, we sing happy praises. Now, we see joy, alive. Now, we witness new life. Now, we see the handiwork of the creator. Now, we see love. Now, we see a new baby. Now, we see God’s love. Now, we see a new person. Now, we see the miracle of life. Now, we see a living, breathing, thinking, loving human being. Now we see a new baby. Now, we are part of love. Now, we see from where we came, and now, we see where we are going. Now, we see where we are. Now we love. — To be continued.

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