Black In India

Did you know that the founders of Indian Civilization were Black?

70,000 years ago, East Africans set sail across the Red Sea, travelled along the coastal route around the coast of Arabia and Persia, and settled in India.

The images in this series tell the true story of the first people of India, who have been pushed to the brink of extinction by racism, exploitation, and the brutality of India’s caste system.

India’s Indus Civilization is one of three in the ‘Ancient East’ that — along with Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt, was a cradle of Civilization in the Old World. It was also the most expansive in area and population.

The founders of this Civilization were a group of people called the Dravidians.

The fossil evidence and genetic tests have shown that the Black Dravidian sub-race is the same as the Black East African sub-race which is to be found in the same latitude…

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