Party seeker (part 2)

Charts with the best movies just make me bored. I go to the store, I understand that I am penniless. And you want to relax, there is no company at all, there is no Enrique, today there is no Melanie. Went to wander around the city and see Annie sitting in the park, stuck in the iPod. I sit down to her, she looks at me, as usual.

“What’s happening?”

“It was great until you got hooked.”

“Come on, what are you doing today?”

“As you see, I listen the music”

I like her, but now that there was no one to talk to anyone at all, it was especially convenient to be with her.

“No mood at all”

“Don’t say, don’t you want to go to LoudTrip?”

“And what’s in there?”

“Dancing under Dishio”

“Who is it?”

“I myself don’t know, I saw an invitation to come to the FB, it is never boring,”

“Come on, at 10, there”


Returning home, you need to somehow entertain her. There are several bottles in the bar, but we will go to LoudTrip. I rummaged in a jacket, good luck, $ 5. So let’s skip to 11 for free, we can take a cocktail, and then I need to lure her to me.

(to be continued)

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