CBM BLOG: A Tale of Two Gigs

Expectation is a funny thing.

This weekend my heavy metal band, In My Restless Dreams, played two very different shows. One was a sold-out home town show at one of Sheffield’s leading music venues to celebrate the release of a new EP by fellow Sheffield band, Sobriquet. The other was in a tiny pub in Leeds as part of a mixed night of musical entertainment.

For the first show, expectations were high. The show had sold out and we were performing to our target demographic. For the second show, expectations were far less optimistic: this was a small pub on the outskirts of Leeds at which we were met by a the sound of breaking glass, an argument between punters and a dog wearing a cone around his neck.

But things aren’t always as they seem. The show in Sheffield was great and we got to play our standard set as part of a metal show and had a good time doing so.

It was the show in Leeds, however, that brought a smile to my face. While it seemed at first glance that we had been drastically miscast in our role as entertainers at a local pub, sandwiched between a pub-rock band and an eccentric folk act (both of whom were excellent in their own right). Thoughts of being booed off stage and glasses flying in our general direction crossed my mind.

Instead we were met with none of the above. The audience could not have been more open minded and enthusiastic about our brand of contemporary metal and the energy displayed by such a varied audience of ages ranging from 16–60 was quite something.

I will remember each of these shows for different reasons but will always have fond thoughts of my surprise at the reaction of a crowd to heavy metal on a Saturday Night down at the local boozer.

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