Computer Science Week in Review

In celebration of Computer Science Week, I:

  • trained elementary school teachers about ways to integrate “Programing literature” into their curriculum
  • conducted school-wide #HourofCode events
  • led a Web Development workshop for @chicktechsea High School Kick-Off event.

The following series gives you a glimpse into my adventures.

This is Part I in the series.

The most exciting week of the year!

As the founder and manager of HFBCS’s technology program, it has not always been easy. Full staff “buy-in” becomes a constant variable in moving the program along. And, there are so many ways to adopt technology into the classroom, teachers can often feel overwhelmed. During Computer Science Week, however, I made it so that every teacher had a curated list of CS activities to do with students K-4.

I broke the curriculum down into 3 sections:

2 min
9 cards

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