Conscious Life ego & I Am

Ego and I Am.

What does it mean when we talk of ego?

Ego is everything we do not what to let go of.

Be it our youth, material possessions, cravings, addictions, beliefs, perspectives, this life, anything we perceive as being who it is we are but that is not who we truly are.

So who is this, that we truly are?

Simply put we are the one sacred, divine force that has commonly and corruptly been known as God.

Every single one of us, GOD.

Think about this for a moment, meditate on this thought, you are the one true GOD.

So what does it mean if you are God?

Well if you are god then so am I, so is the person in the room with you, the stranger on the street, the woman in China, the tribesman in Peru, that child in Canada, all of them, everyone, is God.

Individually, separately, in the now, in the past, in the future, in pain, in joy, at all time, of all time, beyond time, we are God.

God experiencing us as this.

God has been parablised, mythalised, storyalised, demonised and verbalised in all great spiritual literature.

But God the actual is beyond any religion, is not “out there somewhere” but right here now.

There has never been an out there, a before, a next, that is the world of ego.

There is and has only ever been a now.

Everything we do is relayed from the creative force and higher mind of the God I Am through to the three dimensional form of sense which is then experienced by the ego.

Many believe through ego that we are this body and these senses, we are not.

Imagine not being alive.

To be dead.

What happens at this point?

We will all inevitably leave the world of senses behind and move into our next reflection of the divine, eternal I, the alpa and the omega, all that is and all that was, beyond time and space while being of a time and place, all ways.

The one source that is us.

We will be everything, experiencing separately, eternally, just as we are now.

We cannot die.

And we cannot not die.

We have never been born but are born eternally.

At this moment then we are this now, having this as an experience, while someone else is having that now as that experience but all these experiences are one.

We as the God, I Am; are individually everyone else experiencing who we are in this now.

We are and have been Elvis, Hitler, Gandhi, Jesus, Mary, Judas, Ted Bundy, Mother Teresa, your mum, my mum, dad, pervy uncle Trevor and insane Aunty Margeret.

We are the eternal reflection of the divine universe living life as God, I Am.

Individually, in all ways, as one with countless, myriad existences unfolding perpetually into a billion, trillion forever realities in a blessed present we experience as God, I Am.

There is nothing to fear from death and our higher creative reality, the God I Am, knows this.

It is the ego that fears the unknown and rightly so.

It gets left behind.

So instinctively it doesn’t want to go without a fight and that’s ok. It is what keeps us alive and in this present, heroic life.

But we are not this ego, we are the present.

And eternal gifts await us.

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