DCA to LAX: My Gorilla Mindset Advetnture

Friday, July 14, 2017 DCA to LAX

Ever wondered what a Gorilla Mindset learning experience is like? Do you have questions about the man behind the Mindset movement — who has risen to be one of the most nationally prominent New Media icons — and what a non politically focused event might reveal?

In this series you will journey with me as I jet off this morning from Washington DC to Los Angeles to attend Mike Cernovich’s Gorilla Mindset Seminar. My focus will be on the experience, the man behind the political cape, and the thoughts & epiphanies from the weekend. It will not be an expose of the seminar content…for that you will need to sign up for one of his remaining seminars planned for the rest of this year in various cities across the US.

Mike is a rising star in the US political and media scenes but I have long since figured out that he is about much more than politics and taking down the fake news media complex. Lawyer, author, film maker, New Media warrior, husband & father, this man is incredibly eclectic in his interests and work. His first book, “Gorilla Mindset,” the seminal piece that reveals the basis for how he sees and navigates the world, has sold a ton of copies. I have known Mike since the beginning of this year having met him at the famous Deploraball held by and for Trump supporters on the eve of President Trump’s inauguration. He has been a major force in exposing the fraudulent lying practices of the Democrat Media Complex and in breaking some of the top news stories of 2017.

What I’ve learned from him and from his work is that he is much more than the individual topics on which he writes or films. I have already learned so much from our conversations and his online discussions. And so I thought it would be a great adventure to come out to LA, spend a few days in his milieu, and learm the basics of the driving philosophy he calls Gorilla Mindset.

Join me…

Day 2: Saturday July 15 Gorilla Mindset Seminar in LA

If you think you know the book or the man from Twitter you are wrong.

Mike Cernovich successfully took us on a journey today through the ideas, the meaning, and the power of his Amazon best-selling book, Gorilla Mindset. This had absolutely nothing to do with his political beliefs or his daily quest to unveil the fraud perpetrated by the mainstream media. Taking this seminar is the equivalent of reading a book after you’ve seen the movie. So much more rich, contextual, and relative is the information he shares on how he has deconstructed and translated the struggles of life and the only approach to dealing with it: A Gorilla Mindset. A gorilla mindset is not about developing skills to dominate others, it’s about focusing what you want out of life and then taking the steps to dominate your own life.

Due to security threats that occurred with the first venue, Mike was forced to choose a second venue which ended up in the center of Santa Monica, California. A blessing in disguise, it was bright, contemporary, and rich with tech resources as the backdrop for journeying us through the major concepts of his blockbuster book. There is something very unique and compelling about spending the day with Mike while he expands on the concepts that he has so craftily constructed. In essence, if you think you got a lot out of the book, you will be blown away by the seminar. Mike is brutally honest and raw in disclosing his journey, which makes you see any starting point is workable. Part of his genius is the charismatic way in which he teaches you your own power to create…create the way you think and create from the abundance of life. He reminds you at your soul level that there is more than just possibility in your life, it’s all about choice. Choose your mood. Choose your thoughts. Mike once said, “thoughts have energy. They have weight. Do not allow [negative] thoughts to increase their speed. You can change the direction of your thoughts” simply by deciding so. It’s also a seminar about focus and vision.

What sets Mike and his seminar apart from other life advisement approaches is his ability to communicate a certain authenticity from his own austere past, the honesty of overcoming all the struggles that all of us deal with every day. He is incredibly transparent and disclosing while at the same time reassuring in his own self-developed strength. He embraces his mistakes, doesn’t regret them, and encourages you to think about how surviving them prepares you for other challenges in life. Mike plays his own version 4D chess and hints at the vastness of his own dreams as he guides the audience to think on this level.

The room was electrified with thoughts of expansion, abundance, and creative courage. Mike is unequivocally direct and honest…a gift in these times of false narratives, fake news, and unabashed liars. Make no mistake about it, in spite of the naysayers and the haters, Mike Cernovich is a visionary in our time.

Oh and I got to hold Cyra.

Stay tuned for part 3 tomorrow for reflections on the totality of the experience.

Day 3: Reflections on Gorilla Mindset Seminar

As I sit here on my flight back to DC I am reflecting on my experience attending Mike Cernovich’s Gorilla Mindset Seminar in Los Angeles. Held in a contemporary high tech outfitted classroom space in Santa Monica, the sun shining through the slatted windows, it was a day filled with revelations and learning to create your mindset; from which everything else in your life emanates. There were a couple of myths dispelled too.

Guess what? In spite of what you’ve read in the mainstream media about Mike’s book, Gorilla Mindset is not about men. It’s about human life. Maybe it started out targeting men but it is an approach to getting control over your life and hitting the results for both women and men, teens and older people. Never once did Mike refer to the ideas in GM as a male issue. What he does tap into is that all of us want a good and happy life and he has healthy guidance for how we can figure out what we want and create the way there. No pie in the sky, Mike emphasizes that it takes daily presemce, actions, and trial-error/retrial to achieving.

The second myth dispelled: This seminar had nothing whatsoever to do with politics. He used a few references to the political world for illustrating how to implement his Gorilla Mindset approach but I have to say that I had no idea what the political leanings were of most of my fellow attendees nor did I care.

The keys to unlock the life you want are within you. As Mike has said, “thoughts have energy, they have weight.” Create and control your mindset and you have your vision. Work at it everyday and you create your destiny.

Catch one of Mike’s Gorilla Mindset Seminars this year in various US cities- follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube for dates & details.

It went by way too fast. Suffice it to say, it was worth the trip to California.

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