Developing & Designing Alexa Skills

UX Insights For Designing Alexa Skills

After crafting our first Alexa skill here are 3 insights for improving the UX of your skill.

1.) Natural Language Vs. Structured Phrases

Many users are accustomed to “OK Google” or “Siri” style interaction. They expect intelligently curated results that are derived from natural language phrases.

However, Alexa thrives on structured phrases. To have a truly successful skill, designers need to commit to skillfully crafting the sample utterances for each intent allowing for a diverse set of user commands.

2.) Skill Names

The built-in skills allow you to ask questions directly to Alexa and receive a straightforward response. “Alexa, What time is it?” will quickly return the correct time.

When using a Skill the sentence structure changes. A user must invoke it by name using:

“Alexa, tell [skill/invocation name] [connecting word like “to” or “that”] [action to be take or text content]”

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