Efforts and goal.

• Efforts and goal

When we talk about humanitarian then one name comes in my mind, Abdul Staar Edhi Sb. He is not alive but due to be true human being still he is in our lives. He is the light for us who show us path. Whenever I read about him I inspired a lot.

His work for needy and poor people is remarkable. It is very difficult to give your whole life to those people whom you never know.

When I read his book I learned so many things like when he started to work. He started from basic. He never know the actual meaning of business but he start learning. So it is lesson for us also that whenever we need to work we should start from basic not from height.

Edhi sb’s father advice him that “ understand business from the alphabet A”. Because we never come back from the top for leaning. He start learning how to communicate with other and convince them through many small work like street hawking, paan shop, sold newspapers and cloth merchant. After that he became commission agent. After so many struggles he always realise that he want to do work for memons and needy people. So after many efforts he opened a dispensary where he appointed two men then gradually he increased his dispensary. He hired a physician on fixed salary and provided facility in very cheaper rate.

Now when we look him then we realise how many difficulties a man face and then he reach his destination without ambition and passion we never achieve our goals. We sacrifice so many things to getting goals. So we should not lose heart from failure. Failure is the part of our life. We learn from experiences.

So what I lea from him is that don’t lose passion and do work hard to reach your destination. When you reach on your destination never ever forget what your goal was. Don’t forget real meaning of your work. Live for help.

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