Everest Basecamp Series

Day One

Great first day. Started off with a lot of “see you later” tears and lots of anxiety, but ended with steady hands and strong positive attitudes.

Business class is the only way to fly internationally and we learned that very quickly on the 16-hour flight. We were treated like royalty. We had our own pods with TV and our seats reclined to beds. We slept 6 hours when we got on, had a meal and back to bed for 2–3 hours. No wifi onboard, but it was okay because the seats were strapped with a lot of movies and tv series. I watched Going in Style, the movie, and part of the movie Snatched. Otherwise, I slept. We were fed lots of meals and were waited on by cute local Chinese women. Unbelievable flight and worth every penny. 16 hours just flew by, no pun intended. In case you were curious, we flew from Milwaukee to Laguardia, Uber from Laguardia to JFK, and then from JFK up over Antarctica and down to China. We are currently waiting for our flight from Guangzhou to Kathmandu, Nepal.


We said our goodbyes on Tuesday at 3pm and it is now 8:15am on Thursday and we are starting our 4 hour and 10 minute flight to Kathmandu. We have not left airports or planes. We are smelling a little ripe and cannot wait to arrive at our destination. A couple more episodes of Night Shift and we’ll be there.


We made it to Kathmandu safely at 12:45pm on Thursday with everyone’s bags…except mine. We were picked up by locals and are hoping that it gets here (please). When we got to Kathmandu, Cyd’s bag had both luggage tags, mine and hers. We are hoping that my bags are still safely at JFK and will be transferred here as soon as possible. At least we’re here for a few days to sort this out.


Arrived at the B&B in Kathmandu and there are western toilets and air conditioning. Can someone say hallelujah? This is the last of it for a while.

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