Party seeker (part 3)

“Ha, this skirt suits you”

“Thank you, let’s go already”

We go, a lot of people. I once came here with Johnny, some of his acquaintances played then, well mixed up, of course, there were not so many people, people strangely dressed. Annie immediately goes to the bar, tastes her a cocktail with sambuca, I take a gin with soda. After the cocktail, it was not as tough as before, relaxed. The house started to drag us all the way, and we went to the dance floor, everything went into a rhythmic movement, and with each new mix, Annie got closer and closer.

“Come to me not to be sad?”

“If only you surprise me …” she smiles.

Dark alleys, night. Everything just went to the movement, and we were already there and went to our party. We are coming.

“You promised to surprise me”

I open a bar, whiskey, a kind of herbal liqueurs. I go to the kitchen, look in the fridge, a couple of juices. Something does not smell amazing, you need to come up with something. iPhone, looking for cocktails. I understand that my bar is too empty for masterpieces. A party, a party, I remember, saw a banner with some application, some bots. Creative bots, of course. App Store, party creative bot (fyi). I’ll set, click, some cocktail, go back to Annie, show her hanging on a couple of cocktails. We identified True Marry as a spiritual cocktail. A few experiments, it was enough that it was at hand, and Annie was already quite relaxed. I just needed to enjoy it and rejoice. Great weekend, sexual mood.

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