Miscellaneous Poetry 2018

(Blank Verse)

Shadow of Sin

Photo by Martino Pietropoli on Unsplash

Redeeming oneself seems to be fiction.

Personal history lingers and creeps

for the nonce into the mind’s daily thoughts.

Pretending your transgressions don’t endure,

they are the shadows lurking behind you.

Mild words or images trigger the past,

pervading your life with unending pain,

slinging sordid sins back to the present.

There is no escape nor honest refuge,

Absolution’s an allowance unseen.

Summer 1995

Mutilation of metal leads to

a casket on wheels,

captured amid shards of jagged glass

and torrid steel.

Arousing anguish,

aching to be taken home

to slide into bed…

sleep it away instead

to narcotic sedation,

inundated by re-enactments

of his mindless mistake.



Oh! Nespresso, I so adore thee

And the bounty of the honeybee.

Honey-Cinnamon latté

A sweet break in the day

Many thanks to Switzerland’s Nestlé.

Alicia T. Rust
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