My name is Michael WANG and I am leaving in Brooklyn, NY. I am a software engineer at Latch, and I spend most of my time behind a desk coding. When I have free time, I use it to do two hobbies: Photography 📸 and Biking🚴‍.

I started biking to be able to discover new landscape and escape the city. At some point, I realize that I am seeing so much but I never get the chance to share it. So I decided to take pictures and learn how to use my first camera and caring it wherever I am going.

My first Rapha Festive 500 that I want to finish

This is my story

The wrong day

Day 1–24.12.2017

I joined the challenge a few weeks ago. I was very exicted by all the 500km and try to enjoy my last day off bike before this BIG WEEK.

I decided to pickup the famous Rapha Pink Paper to be able to start login all my rides per day, but I didn’t noticed that Christmas Eve was the start of the Festive500😱.

For this special day, I spent some time with friends for Christmas Eve and prepared my bike.

Michaël Alexandre Wang
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