When the pain is repurposed to power.

It is naive to believe that her smile is fragility, like a white flag waving above an unguarded citadel.

Her brilliance comes from converting a thousand burning embers to fuel.

Heat is energy.

Those who try to fight it, will be scorched.

Those who become one with its strength will assume its power.

The power of warmth.

The power of light.

Her heart is on fire. Fire becomes her, powering her fearlessness.

Wounds cease to exist when the pains are repurposed to power.

I’m not scared of the rain.

Many battles I’ve won,

Survived scars from the pain,

I’m not scared of the rain.

No royal impression to make,

So what’s a small stain?

I’m not scared of the rain.

Integrity, my only judge,

I have no grand jury’s favor to gain,

I’m not scared of the rain.

To appear a mess would be inconsequential,

I’ve made a practice of looking plain,

I’m not scared of the rain.

Through these words,

You may believe I’m fit to reign,

I’m not scared of the rain.

But really, I’m just afraid to admit,

I’m being a little vain,

I’m sometimes scared of the rain.

Breaking chains.

Sometimes the external would tempt her to question her identity, only to help her realize that its not about specifics.

She is a compromise between peace and strength.

She is a brilliance that may flicker in the wind, but resists and persists.

She is the gift of a flower, light and thoughtful.

The palate remains the same, with each day providing its unique shade, like that of a sunset sky.

Natalia Gabriella Sixto·
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