F l u i d s e n s e

“We constantly shift to someone new”

In the noticing of ourselves, where has the soul lost it’s vocabulary? Love these larger spaces of inquiry, because essentially we all have this sense, hmmm a ‘common’ sense. I like to experience the sensing body as expanding in light & frequency while emotions catalyze the cellular layer and charge writings like these. This fascination has origins in all the sci-fi I watched growing up though the writers didn’t factor in how we could do it ourselves, really I admit to thinking the ability to beam up somewhere is absolutely going to happen in this life. If I had 3 wishes…

Those with an awareness in energy or experience in the budding fruits of scientific study in quantum physics may relate to this during a memory resurgence, remembering, mystical recovery of where, depending on your beliefs, the soul has traveled. What time distinguishes from our perceptions some beliefs conclude a reality of timelessness in our existence and I’d like to make mention of this with the story I’m sharing.

I am experiencing timelessness when somatically I feel an energy returning from long ago. What is long ago? How is this felt? My orientation to a ‘return’ of energy immediately is assessed with time, recognizing it as ‘long ago’. Now I realize jokes make careers out of people who can clearly see what just is. And the paradox of time ever pervades a mystics mind, and many others. I enjoy any humor born of this experience. And because of my spiritual practices and ‘vocabulary’ I recognize energy as existing on multiple planes, dimensions, connected to past lives layered like a gradient here on Earth or elsewhere. Again personal spiritual practices where observation and noticing are the proverbial turn of the wheel. I’m noticing the energy returning from long ago.

Worth mentioning in my personal story is Trauma, the kind that puts one in the throes of institutions, labels, judgments, additional abuse patterns, complete internal chemical meltdown. Rebuilding my body’s nervous system, restoring memories that support my heart, health, continued progress on a cellular level and in life is in every thought shared here. I’ll be writing more on these subjects congruent with discovery. I believe in sharing experiential wisdom to unlock others. How many energies have ‘returned’ while mapping the slow walk out of PTSD if we were to use a label? Many!

What happened last night was a return of a magical life, the life and memories of my witch! Where ‘shifting’ to this ‘return’ of energy internally felt like a giant wave of something I knew, remembered, a fluid sense of me. The psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies including any memories from when magic chose to inhabit my vessel came back like a tidal wave. The witch in her glory and choices she made from this time all sat deep in the being. How can this happen? Well that’s open for even greater inquiry in principles that govern our personal beliefs, another writing in the spell book…

What’s here now is the mind perceived it as such and the soul’s vocabulary is claiming it now. The grieving, tears of joy, that came felt like when you finally see a dear friend of decades in person after decades and there it is, the feeling: you never left! Overwhelming and beautiful and incredible deep, again the somatic noticing that governs. What I became under the New Moon was my witch, realizing how she chose her past path out of emotions, pain, and divine wisdom, I met her again and completely. In the meeting my energy vibrated rapidly, I felt as though I was floating, and through the toes to the finger tips I graciously invited her back in, imagining her moving in beams of light, alchemically integrative holding her heart in sacredness.

Why share this experience? It’s in my awareness that suffering is universal and to not make mention of what has existed and still exists is choosing to forget and this is about remembering. And there are many ways one has in their arsenal to explore, integrate, and unify if so chosen. Desiring natural states supportive to vitality is quite natural and a birth right. I intend to invite those in connection to integration, from any traumatic origins or exploratory perceptions subjectively to play in the language of the soul’s vocabulary here. Enjoy your space in time or without it, and I wish that we all increasingly love every nuance, every direction, every perception we chose to experience our deep love experientially within. A reminder of pure freedom of timelessness, pure freedom of the self.

Avaah K. East
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