GNNRML | 10.28

GNNRML | 10.28


If last week’s newsletter was a love letter to Fall, consider this my hate mail for Halloween. Don me always black apparel. Harry Potter witchery: my beloved fandom.

This is where my Toil ‘n’ Trouble tolerance ends.

By some madman’s authority, Fall, my pure and darling Fall, has been kidnapped for candy corn ransom. I have always felt personally attacked come October’s end because Halloween is essentially a powow of all that I vigorously avoid all year: layers of makeup, cemeteries, opening my door to strangers, cats and staying out after the sun goes down.

Instead of sulking, I’m reframing.

October 31st: A HOLIDAY TEST RUN.

The costumes? You can’t have a dress rehearsal without them.

The after-hoursing? 2019 is not going to ring in itself!

The candy-gorging? Stomach-expansion training for turkey plate number three.

The stranger-danger-door-greetings? A dry run in embracing third cousins that I forgot I had.

We haven’t had to muster holiday hype since July 4th, so I am choosing to see Halloween as a warm-up jog for the marathon that is the Q4 festivity smorgasbord.

To still having no clue how to successfully bob for apples,



Last weekend, our neighbors felt the Spirit call and answered with an act of servanthood that has had me hunting how, where and to whom I can be His Hands and Feet.

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