I moved to this fine state of North Carolina and was a beautiful considerably plus sized,curvy black woman. Since my move, I’ve lost 70 pounds.

A sturdy 247 pounds of thorough woman, Bew. I decided to make serious changes when it came to my health and wellness for several reasons, but mostly because I realized that the time is now.

The time is now because now becomes yesterday and yesterday becomes a year ago.

Time is FLY-YING, ok?? We need to make everyday count towards something — something that makes us feel fulfilled, complete, whole, and happy because life is tew real.

I decided to become as fit as I could be (talking about that Serena Williams type time) before turning thirty, and I knew I’d have to work for it.

Soo…I purchased Insanity.

It was August 2014 according to my photo library and I have never gotten past the second week until I completed it in November 2015.

Because I stay doing the most, I thought I could start the program all willy nilly but I had to slim down a little bit first. I decided to alternate between a couple of things: booty clapping workouts (which was way harder than I thought), workouts via IG, and good ole fashioned jogging.

Once I felt like my lungs and knees could handle the program, which consists of 6 consecutive days of HIIT, I began and I FINISHED. {woot}

For benchmark purposes, I identified areas of focus. Not in numbers and measurements per se, moreso in how my body felt and changed day by day.

I wanted to gain strength to have a Mini-Serena Williams frame…slight Triple H shoulders and a rotund batty. Here were the areas of focus:

+GUNS: My wings got ta go! I tightened these guns up to show them off during summer while I’m glistening in somebody’s sun. I hoped my shoulders and arms had more definition overall. Push up’s and dips were the key here.

WAIST: What was that?…Where is it? EXACTLY. “What waist?” is what I wanted to be asked. I hoped to tighten my core to be strong and cinched! Kept reps tight and isolated when working out my sides and abs.

+THIGHS: TT used to be a nickname short for Thunder Thighs. They just need a little firming up though, really. I like these luscious things..they do a lot for me. If anything, I noticed my right side being stronger than my left, so a goal was to even them out. Hopefully starting some beginner yoga can help with this, in addition to getting my energy and balance in order, ya know? Get these chakra’s in line!

+BOOTY: Believe me when I say that I had plenty of booty once upon a time. If you seen the bountifulness that I toted around prior to 2015, yew’d stop to look for sure. Those days are over and I finally came to terms with that. I was ready to move on to a firmer me. My booty has potential to be great, almost Serena-esque! So watch her work.

+BELLY: My belly (aka Herbz) has been with me for as long as I can remember, and while I have truly enjoyed the experiences I’ve shared with them, we have to part ways. I aimed to have my abs popping for Summer!

I knew if I committed to finishing the program, I’d be successful and I was.

My body changed for the better. All I had to dew was keep my form and just keep going. Up next…Week 1!


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